This page updated 03/25/2012

  1. South Dakota Division of Orphan Grain Train — Orphan Grain Train. $5000. Grant will help with the completion of a building project enabling the Orphan Grain Train to continue shipment of needed relief care for global human need and assist with disaster relief when called upon. PAID

  2. Amy Kashenov Missionary Support — LCMS World Mission. $5000. Grant will provide support for Amy Kashenov as she serves the men, women, and children of Kazahkstan. PAID

  3. Life: A Better Choice — Lutherans for Life of South Dakota. $5000. Grant will help "Life: A Better Choice" ads to be produced and broadcast across the state of South Dakota. PAID

  4. LCMS Joint Missionary Fund — LCMS Foundation. $3500. To provide tuition assistance to seminary students preparing for the pastoral ministry of The Lutheran Church—Missiouri Synod. PAID

  5. Lutheran Blind Mission for the Work Center in Wolsey, SD — Lutheran Blind Mission. To help support the production of Portals of Prayer, the Lutheran Witness, and the LWML Lutheran Woman's Quarterly on audiocassette tapes for blind and visually impaired people. PAID

  6. Open Arms Childcare and Learning Center — Resurrection Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls SD. $5000. To provide start up costs needed to open and operate Open Arms Childcare and Learning Center. PAID

  7. Digital Duplicator for use at Liberia Bible Translation and Literacy Organization — Lutheran Bible Translators. $5000. Grant will be used to purchase a high speed digital duplicator to print bible story books, story charts, math, science, and history books in 16 Liberian language programs in post-war Liberia, Africa. PAID

  8. Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls — Sioux Falls SD. $5000. Grant will be used for public relations, recruitment events, and the purchase of a communication system software program to assist the Lutheran High School in moving forward in opening the school. PAID

  9. Land Purchases for African Churches — LCMS World Mission. $3500. Grant will purchase land for African churches so that they can become established in their cities, many of which are Muslim-majority communities. PAID
South Dakota District LWML 2010-2012 Mission Grants
Deadline: March 15, 2012
Grant Amount Recipient Disbursed Remaining
$5000 SD Division of Orphan Grain Train $5000 $0
$5000 Amy Kashenov Missionary Support $5000 $0
$5000 Life: A Better Choice — Lutherans for Life of South Dakota $5000 $0
$3500 LCMS Joint Seminary Fund $3500 $0
$5000 Lutheran Blind Mission — Wolsey SD $5000 $0
$5000 Open Arms Childcare and Learning Center, Sioux Falls SD $5000 $0
$5000 Digital Duplicator — Liberia LBT $5000 $0
$5000 Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls $5000 $0
$3500 Land Purchases for African Churches $3500 $0
$42,000 TOTAL MISSION GRANTS FOR 2010-2012 $42,000 $0
2010-2012 SD LWML Mission Grants Poster

Click here for the printable poster.


Do you have a mission grant you would like to propose for the 2012 SD LWML convention ballot?  Click here for Mission Grant Proposal Guidelines.

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